Encounter/Setkání is international festival of theatre schools organised by Theatre Faculty of the JAMU in Brno. The main theme of this year is "hard choices?" which is suppose to point out on information chaos in these days world and hard decisions every young adult must face of in everyday situations. The main elements of this visual are two shapes: a cube and a globe. The most basic shapes are supposed to make the theme not so depressive and hard to think about. Its like to choose between black and white. Often, not really hard to choose, but sometimes the most simple decision is the hardest and the most important in our life. Then I replaced these two most basic shapes with another basic shapes to make more variants. Marta is prize and kind of a symbol and famous mascot of this festival so I wanted to make her more visible and noticeable.

ke stažení česky
ke stažení tisková kvalita

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