Hybrid TV which can be control wirelessly by your cell phone. Possibility to choose exactly what you want. Manage your daily news and keep your mind updated. Welcome screen & main crossroad: – The style of dark / light UI depends on a day time. – It can recommend you the choice between „Play All“ and „Browse“ based on the number of news since your last visit. Choice: Browse: – Here we go, just select your program from latest news and press play. – If you are lazy to select your program by useless TV remote control you can use your phone and swip your „feed “ into TV (next slide). Choice: Browse - Select & Send to TV: – Choose whatever you want to know through your phone and just press play. – You can also use only the mobile app for streaming the news (if you are not sitting in the sofa at home). Playing / Streaming: – Check related news, read the full article, move between your program

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