– It is a model of presenting artwork to world. [1]
– It is a model of organising exhibition. [2]
– It is a model of creating visual identity. [3]
The idea is that any curator, gallery and person in the world can be informed about creative outputs via email. Curator receives a link for exhibitionpackage.com website. There one can learn everything about organising exhibition and installation of creative outputs.
An exhibition is prepared and all its components can be found in a virtual package. The content of the package are creative outputs, all curatorial texts, instructions for installation and guidelines for applying visual identity. The package can be found and downloaded only from exhibitionpackage.com website.
A package comes with a clear set of rules for visual identity, which must be followed across all promotional materials. When an exhibition is held, organiser is obliged to follow the guidelines while creating promotional materials such as posters, leaflets and invitations.
Exhibition package doesn't consider internet to be its final destination. It benefits from its communication features but its main aim is to be presented in a physical world. All parts of the project are equal. This website is nothing less than creative outputs meant for presentation in the gallery.

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